involuntarymovement is dance that is neither discovered nor invented, but invited; not what the dancer does, but what creeps in because of what the dancer is doing.

involuntarymovement is learning. It is what you do when you don't know what to do.

involuntarymovement is engaging with all involved, animate and inanimate, mostly slowly, mostly long term.

involuntarymovement is performing all the time.

involuntarymovement is cooking from stories; not letting recipes get in the way of your senses.

We taste, spice, stir, taste again. It's all very scientific.

I joined Ali Kaviani in building involuntarymovement in 2012. The company runs dancetheatre classes in London for a variety of different groups. Our focus is on accessibility and engagement in the arts as a way of increasing social development, inclusion and learning.

In addition we promote evidence-based use of the arts in tackling health and wellbeing issues, as well as social issues faced by communities, through the use of our monitoring and reporting tools.

It is important to us to use performance as well as other art forms and movement practices to contribute to the evolution of public debate on the problems faced by the communities we work with, for example by devising performances and creating artwork that questions public perception and promotes public debate on issues of learning disability and mental illness.

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