The Feldenkrais Method® is an approach to learning and action, through the medium of movement. It enables a person to re-organize movement deep in the nervous system with the potential to improve their functional abilities and overcome the body’s habitual patterns of tension and pain.

By improving our movement, posture and breathing, we can become more powerful, fluid and coordinated. Through working with movement and the nervous system, the method creates greater flexibility in our bodies, thinking and creativity. It is invaluable for anyone who wants to improve their ability to move, to do, and to rest.

Upcoming Classes:

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Benefits Include

Learn how to learn, and how to enjoy the process.

Improve what you do already, including yoga, running, swimming, playing an instrument and sitting!

Unlock the habits in your nervous system that restrict you.

Reduce muscular-skeletal, joint and chronic pain.

Sleep better.

Increase your sense of well being.

Group Classes:

Lessons take place lying on the floor, or sometimes sitting. The teacher talks you through a sequence of gentle, related movements. Each new movement is repeated and explored, enabling you to become familiar with it, and to begin to play with unaccustomed movement relationships.

By engaging your curiosity, gently and at your own rate, you learn to become aware of your sensations and use this awareness to release patters of tension and create new movement possibilities.

Individual Lessons:

These are tailored to your needs and your situation. If you have a particular or acute difficulty, individual lessons may useful for you. In a typical lesson, you lie fully clothed on a table and through touch the teacher guides you towards new ways of moving and organising yourself. The lesson will often lead to suggestions by the teacher for ways of working on your own.

Both types of classes are appropriate for all ages and abilities.

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Nina Feldman is a qualified Teacher of The Feldenkrais Method®. She completed 4 year professional training with renowned trainers Eilat Almagor and Anat Krivine in Strigara, Italy.